We, The Forlorn

by Myridian

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Melancholic Rage
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Melancholic Rage I would classify Myridian as Viking Metal; in the same vein as Amon Amarth. However, while AA may have hit the proverbial wall, Myridian is still growing as evidenced by their latest offering. Additionally, AA is not (and, quite frankly, never was) able/inclined to perform with the passion/range of Myridian. New to this album is a high/low register of growls, tighter songs/instrumentation, and a whole new emotive response via the listening experience. Buy it+25% of the low asking price! 5 stars! Favorite track: A Lone Rose.
John Darville
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John Darville Start to finish this is a magnificent album. Favorite track: We, The Forlorn.
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StarWave Very nice atmospheric progressive metal from Melbourne. You really need to listen to it for yourself to see how great it is! Favorite track: We, The Forlorn.
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released April 4, 2015

Myridian are:
Felix Lane: Vocals/Bass
Scott Brierley: Guitars
Ian Mather: Guitars
Dan Liston: Keyboards
Zebådee Scott: Drums

Music written by Scott Brierley
Lyrics written by Scott Brierley and Felix Lane

Recorded and produced by Chris Themelco at Monolith Studios
Mastered by Joe Carra at Crystal Mastering
Booklet and photography by Mark Hoffmann Photography
Artwork by Federico Boss at Abstract Chaos Design

Contact: myridianband@live.com.au

Copyright © Myridian 2015


all rights reserved



Myridian Melbourne, Australia

Myridian are a melodic death/doom metal band based in Melbourne, Australia. Combining the melodies of epic Scandinavian metal with haunting doom passages, the band recently released their sophomore album 'We, the Forlorn' in April 2015. Carrying the dark energy of its predecessor to new heights, 'Forlorn' further refines the band's signature mixture of atmosphere, sorrow and introspection. ... more

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Track Name: We, The Forlorn
Breath sparse, limbs aching
Thirst parched, sight failing
Gasping for thin air
Our gaze, a dead stare

One year of exile
One fell deed, one vile tale
Our lives lost, our hope gone
Without choice, we walk on

Cast from our home
Cursed to wander alone
We, The Forlorn

Once I thought I'd lie here forever
At rest in a life of peace
My love, my land, and all that I had
Torn away and left with grief

Memories tainted
Of names and faces
Our kith and kin of old
Their twisted scowls
Of loathing and scorn
Never once thought of right or wrong

Here, in this land of stone
Where time appears to slow
A wasteland of dread and despair
The ground as dead as the air

Now, with home left behind
No hope lingers in our eyes
Our fears numb as our minds
Our tears long since dried

We lie undone
Cursed by the sun
Resigned to our fate
Swallowed by fear and hate

As dark falls, and light sets
Our journey, a failed test
We are scorned, we are lost
We are broken, we are...

Cast from our home
Cursed to wander alone
We, The Forlorn

Out of grasp of all that I've known
My heart falls silent as stone
With one last aching sigh
I bid thee one final goodbye
Track Name: Silent Death
No whispering from the trees
No waves rise from the sea

Daylight's life
Fades into night
A realm falls silent
Without one last cry

A decayed moon now takes seat
Upon a dying world's throne

High above
The sundered skyline
The cold fire burns
Her time is nigh

Under this nightfall
Her embrace envelops us all
As a plague she descends
Upon our souls
She freezes the embers of life
With but one breath
She is our end
Our silent death

Brothers take up arms
Just to fall dead at her feet
Heroes flee at her approach
Leaving the helpless to die in their sleep

Where the light fails she comes
Her footsteps tainted with icy blight
Without a sound she engulfs all
Her wrath unstoppable

None can halt her advance
None can stop her from freezing all life
We all die forsaken
By gods new and old

We fall, one by one
Calling out for the rising sun
Our voices break the night
And as we fade, we see the light
Track Name: These Weary Bones (feat. Nick Magur)
Deep within
These crumbling walls
A frail, battered soul
Clings to what once was whole

Bereft of the fires of life
What's left lies buried 'neath ice
A spirit old, a spirit worn
Reduced to a whisper, begging for no more

A flickering flame
Falters beneath pain
A once proud name
Cowers behind shame

Crumpled lungs give barely a breath
This life more akin to death
Silent echoes of sorrow
Fill empty caverns with resounding woe

Years gone
Years to go
And these weary bones
Are so tired

To keep fighting
And these hollow limbs
Are weakening

And these age old wounds
Are still bleeding

And this agony
Without ending
Track Name: A Lone Rose
My queen, hear me
Heed my longing cry
Your rule is failing
Our love weeps tonight

We stand close
Bound in silence
Cold tears flow
Your heart a lone rose

My queen, hold me
My sweet ray of light
Come follow me
To where the stars hear your plight

In sorrow
In solace
Together we stand
Against this shadow of dread

I've yearned for
These frozen moments
In your arms I unfold

Stay with me this night
Let me share your pain
May our oaths rebind
As I guide you to the flame

Darkness cast from our souls
White fire burns through our bones
This world we leave as one
Rise now above the flames
Far from mortal hate
Far from eternal nightfall

Hold me close
Savour my touch

The veil falls away
Your beauty remains
Distant fires dim their light
Yet your beauty remains

This fiend is not you
Rending flesh from bone
One misspoken word
And our world burns

My queen, hold on
Don't fade away
My setting sun

Stay with me
Don't fade away
Track Name: Snowscape
We stand surrounded by ice
And veiled by eternal night
White flakes of snow fall softly
The aurora above casts its light

Nothingness lies
Behind our eyes
Our fires dimmed low
By winter's throes

Falling to our knees
Before grief's pale majesty
Upon a cold, white throne
Shrouded by falling snow

This winter expanse
A frozen wasteland
Is all we see
These cold, tranquil winds embracing
A comforting breath
Calling us to sleep

Hunger and despair
Gnawing at our bones
No shelter within sight
Only an endless sea of ice

My strength frail
Whispering your name
Cast from your grasp
As you fade away

Falling to our knees
Before grief's pale majesty
Upon a cold, white throne
Shrouded by falling snow

Drowning in falling snow
Track Name: Desolace
Once in ages long past
We worshipped a promised land
Now in greed and sin
We guide it to ruin

A world slowly falling into night
Its beauty tainted with a deathly blight
Its skin broken, beaten and worn
Ripped apart and plundered by malice and scorn

Trees sundered from soil and stone
Usurped by spires where no leaves grow

Hunters slain and prey consumed
Starved and choking under clouds of fume
Withering branches torn from the sky
A landscape cast aside and left to die

Behold the death of great Gaia
A bittersweet end to the goddess of life
Her gasps for breath nearing their last
Leaving behind a world laid desolate

Blackened fields sprawl before our blinded eyes
Atrocities condemned by her silent cries

The winds carry her howl
Her pain a piercing sound
The horror and rapture we've sown
Awakening a wrath unknown

As rain begins to pour
None know their peril befalls
Her tears of anguish and woe
Drown vermin beneath their toil

Wipe the plague off this earth
Cleanse the land of our kind
Restore the fallen to life
Forgive our sins as we die
Track Name: Mourning Tide
An ice-cold wind
Chills to the bone
A mistswept veil
Clouds the shore

Horizons yield to pale light
Morning's embrace, a bitter respite
Before the mounds of dead, we mourn
Thousands slain for glory forevermore

Three days have passed
Since we first gave battle
A hopeless task
Yet we proved our mettle

Afoot on foreign shores
(Without a hope, without a home)
Helms cleaved and shields torn
(Spears cracked and axes worn)
We few survived to see a new day
(And at this day's end, we will fade away)
Into the tales of mortal men
(For none yearn to see the sun rise again)

We came, not alone
A king, a queen and an army
Victory, we tasted with our blades
Their blood, our blood, now one with the waves

Malice's touch
An icy grasp
A cruel fate
Not to die

Bruised and bleeding
Exhausted and freezing
A cruel fate
Not to die

Tides, come forth and wash me clean
Of grief and loss and misery
Sweep the blood into the sea
And carry this burden so far from me

Free me of the memory
Of this blood red scene
So many dead as far as can see
All in the name of a land once free

The dead lie shattered
And soon too the dying
We few who still cling to life
Stumble forth into the tides

Our strength has left our bodies
As life seeps from our wounds
I welcome the cold darkness
The warm embrace of ice

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